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Skittle Boy on the bus to sterefunk with the Silky Crew. Dawson Richmond and Skittle Boy back to back in the So Loco Tent. Footage from TTF in the GBX Tent.  Kleopatra try’s to interview Jack Eye Jones while Skittle boy continually hits him on the dish with Boom cards. Mallorca Lee performs his new single with Ross Ferguson in the Exposure Tent. Then we jump behind the decks with Jack Eye Jones and its organised carnage. Sand in the basement you say? Boom. x


Stereo Funk 2013 Photo Gallery

Stereofunk 2013 get Boomed. What an amazing Mini Festival. £25 for 10 hrs of music with over 100 dj’s. Great atmosphere all day. The sun came out. Hunner’s of fit birds, and sniffer dogs. What more can we ask for? Boom! Here’s the photos.
Well done to everyone involved in organising and helping out.

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