Skittle Boy Murdo Mitchell

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Skittle Boy run’s into an old friend busking on the streets of Edinburgh. Murdo Mitchell can be found regularly surrounded by a posse of women. He has a penthouse spot outside the Apple store in Glasgow. His security in plain clothes, can often be spotted supping regular coffee from Starbucks. They wear sunglasses in all weather and smoke Electric cigarettes. Menthol flavor.

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Skittle Boy’s guide to Benicassim


It’s finally here.

Skittle Boy and his RANDOM,EXPERIMENTAL,and definitely UNOFFICIAL  guide to Benicassim. PaRtOnE

“I woke up in the morning and couldn’t find my wallet anywhere. NITEMARE. Made the flight from Glasgow to Alicante by a matter of minutes thanks to the taxi driver who had the patience of a saint and drove like Lewis Hamilton.”

We started filming after the flight landed when we were on the bus from the Airport to the train station. The train would take 3 or 4 hours. We filmed and met lots of fellow festival goers during the journey. The train journey footage will be in a future episode. In the meantime we pick up with Skittle Boy as the train arrives in Benicassim. Another bus transfer and we arrive at the festival site. This is an excellent start to our FIB adventure, July 2011. BTYD


Skittle Boy DJ Booking

Who is Skittle BOY? Welcome to planet BOOM. x

Skittle Boy is reguarded by many to be a technical and random genius.

He is without a doubt one of the worlds most eccentric, influential, popular, random, good-looking, loveable  nutjobs!

In the last few years since bouncing onto the scene at Rockness June 2011, BTYD has grown fuckin massive not only name but appearance.

Skittle’s has now become quite simply the Face of Boom!

Remember how it all started?