Skittle Boy’s Guide To Benicassim

Ever thought you might like to go abroad for a Festival? Or are you happy slugging it out in mud all weekend at one of the UK’s festivals.
After Rockness and TITP we decided to send Skittle Boy to Benicassim. The only thing Skittle Boy had to do was organise everthing himself, from travel to accomadation and even changing currency. how would he fair? We also insisted he meet as many people from as many different Countries as was possible. His orders were simple – EXPLORE & ENJOY – TEAMBoom!


Hello, my name is Skittle Boy.

I couldn’t believe it when I was told i was going to Benicassim! I nearly shat myself a few minutes later when i was told I had to organise this particular excursion myself! WTF…




Benicassim 2012 – Skittle Boy and the Locals

After a day spent at the beach drinking Vodka, Skittle Boy holds up a stall with a pathetic fake gun. Poor woman does’nt know whats going on.

Totally wrecked he joins the beach cocktail man behind the beach bar thinking he too can throw bottle’s about!

Benicassim at night before the festival starts is brilliant.


Benicassim 2012 Thursday @ the beach

Skittle Boy and Team Boom go a walk around the town of Benicassim and the beach. Its  Thursaday and its time to hit the beach. Essential items for the beach can be purchased on route. The local supermarket offers an ice bucket in which you will find ice obviousy, a bottle of Vodka, and 2 bottles of Fanta Lemon.




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Skittle Boy’s guide to Benicassim


It’s finally here.

Skittle Boy and his RANDOM,EXPERIMENTAL,and definitely UNOFFICIAL  guide to Benicassim. PaRtOnE

“I woke up in the morning and couldn’t find my wallet anywhere. NITEMARE. Made the flight from Glasgow to Alicante by a matter of minutes thanks to the taxi driver who had the patience of a saint and drove like Lewis Hamilton.”

We started filming after the flight landed when we were on the bus from the Airport to the train station. The train would take 3 or 4 hours. We filmed and met lots of fellow festival goers during the journey. The train journey footage will be in a future episode. In the meantime we pick up with Skittle Boy as the train arrives in Benicassim. Another bus transfer and we arrive at the festival site. This is an excellent start to our FIB adventure, July 2011. BTYD