Skittle Boy’s Guide To Benicassim

Ever thought you might like to go abroad for a Festival? Or are you happy slugging it out in mud all weekend at one of the UK’s festivals.
After Rockness and TITP we decided to send Skittle Boy to Benicassim. The only thing Skittle Boy had to do was organise everthing himself, from travel to accomadation and even changing currency. how would he fair? We also insisted he meet as many people from as many different Countries as was possible. His orders were simple – EXPLORE & ENJOY – TEAMBoom!


Hello, my name is Skittle Boy.

I couldn’t believe it when I was told i was going to Benicassim! I nearly shat myself a few minutes later when i was told I had to organise this particular excursion myself! WTF…