TITP 2013 Wednesday in the main arena

Skittle Boy heads up to check in and deliver the Boom Stock. Check out inside TOTP before 75,000 people descent each day. The Boom Stall is situated about 200 yards to the right hand side of the Big Wheel as you look at it. C u up there. BOOM. :)

t in the park 015

TITP Word Association Game

T In The Park is Scotland’s biggest music festival by far, attracting a mixture of people from around the world.

Skittle Boy decided he would try a word association game with as many people as possible.

Its fair to say this is by far the most random selection of word’s you can imagine. Next time we will provide the soap to clean out you mouths. BTYD


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Skittle Boy arrives at TITP 2011. This is the first of the video’s featuring lots of random’s from the Sat and Sun at the festival. If you have never been to this festival this video gives you a wee taster of the action. In no way whatsoever does it tell the real story. For that you must experience it for yourself.   BTYD





Skittle Boy witnesses Campervan Fire @TITP :(

After partying all weekend, Skittle Boy woke up in the camper van, with someone’s feet in his face! Team boom had managed to squeeze 16 bodies into the camper for the last session of the weekend, when he woke up he fled looking for breakfast with his camcorder.

On route to the campsite to film the commoners wrecking their tents, he seen the flames, then stood in disbelief filming as a campervan burned to the ground in 14 minutes!

As a result of this video, TITP Health & Safety / Security Team use this as a safety video for staff working at the event. Boom!