Boom updates.


C in The Park 23rd May 2015

CITP 2013 – A mini music festival in Kilsyth at The Colzium Estate. A fundraiser for Cancer. Mental it was. Kilsyth ain’t partied as hard since the Bay City Rollers were in town. Starting at 12.00 the crowd quickly swells and by 3pm bodies are everywhere. BOOM.


Heres a few videos from CITP 2013


Part 1 (SkittleBoy Promo Video)

Part 2 GBX


Part 3






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Guests in 2014 include Defected Records Dj’s Sam Devine, Frankie Rizardo and Sonny Fodera aswel as Brighton Duo My Digital Enemy


Sam Devine Interview

Frankie Rizardo Interview



My Digital Enemy Interview



TITP 2013 Wednesday in the main arena

Skittle Boy heads up to check in and deliver the Boom Stock. Check out inside TOTP before 75,000 people descent each day. The Boom Stall is situated about 200 yards to the right hand side of the Big Wheel as you look at it. C u up there. BOOM. :)


Skittle Boy Promo for C In The Park

Boom Promo for C In The Park

Skittle Boy heads out to the Colzium Estate in Kilsyth ahead of C In The Park which takes place Saturday 25th May 2013. An outdoor fundraising event featuring bands and dis from 11am – 10pm. Dj’s include Jack Eye Jones, George Bowie, Bryan Love, Kleopatra, Ian McNab, Dj5, and ofcourse Skittle Boy. Plus many more.

C In tHe Park Facebook -


Stereofunk Promo

Skittle Boy headed to the Arria Statue in Cumbernauld to film a promo video in advance of Stereofunk 2013 at Strathclyde Country Park. A £250,000 steel sculpture WTF?? Lets Boom it up! x



Skittle Boy on the bus to sterefunk with the Silky Crew. Dawson Richmond and Skittle Boy back to back in the So Loco Tent. Footage from TTF in the GBX Tent.  Kleopatra try’s to interview Jack Eye Jones while Skittle boy continually hits him on the dish with Boom cards. Mallorca Lee performs his new single with Ross Ferguson in the Exposure Tent. Then we jump behind the decks with Jack Eye Jones and its organised carnage. Sand in the basement you say? Boom. x